Owner of Rocky Gorge 4 Seasons Golf Fairway, Gus Novotny, was into golf before opening his business back in 1964. Because of his passion for the sport, he decided to open his own golf range.
After searching the area, he met Howard Robinson and his daughter Francis, who owned the beautiful 13 acres where the range now stands. To make the place perfect, he later added a miniature golf course and an open field batting range.

Come take some swings at our target car in the middle of our golf range in Laurel, Maryland, or practice your putting on our large putting green with its smoothly mowed turf. Rocky Gorge 4 Seasons Golf Fairway is the perfect place to practice your swing.

Featuring Everything Needed for a Relaxing Day! Whether you come alone, with friends, the kids, or the entire family, you are sure to find something at our golf range for everyone, including:

• Rocky Gorge Sheltered Practice Area
• Heated Tees for Winter
• Electric Fans for Warmer Summer Days

• Heated Tees for Winter
• Electric Fans for Warmer Summer Days
• Golf Pros Available for Group or Private Lessons
• Batting Range
• Miniature Golf Course


Come visit us today in Laurel, Maryland, to enjoy a day practicing your swing on the green golf range.