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Miniature Golf & Batting Range in Laurel, Maryland

Take the family out for a fun-filled day playing miniature golf or hitting some balls at the batting range at Rocky Gorge 4 Seasons Golf Fairway, a golf range located in Laurel, Maryland. Whether you want to try your hand at hitting the softball or getting a hole-in-one, you and your family are in for a day full of entertainment and fun. Our Golf Range is the perfect place for Birthday Parties, Scouting Events, Field Trips & Corporate Events. Call Now to reserve your spot.

Mini Golf Course & Golf Lessons for All Ages
The miniature golf course is open year-round and features fun for people of all ages. We aim to make golfing at our unique 19-hole course—the world's longest mini gold hole—an enjoyable experience for the whole family. In addition, we have golf pros on duty who can help with both group and private lessons. Whether you come in a group or prefer to golf alone, we offer something for everybody.

Open Field Batting Range
Increase your softball or baseballs skills and impress your coaches when you practice at our open field batting range. Whether you want to try your hand at hitting softballs over the 300-foot home run fence or when you are in the mood to cream a few baseballs, our batting range is sure to hit a home run.

Choose between slow, medium, fast, or curve pitches in our baseball cages and slow-pitch softball in one of our  12 sheltered cages. The open field batting range is open during any weather, day or night. For even more family fun, the batting range features a video arcade room for batters. 

Golf Range, Batting Range in Laurel, MD

Miniature Golf, Miniature Golf in Laurel, MD

Come visit us today in Laurel, Maryland, to practice your swing at our batting range.